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   Last update: 08 Mar 2019
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Annual Proteomics Summerschool in Greifswald

Next Course: July 2018

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The Institute of Microbiology offers an annual international proteomics summer school. The one-week course is organized by Prof. Dörte Becher & Prof. Katharina Riedel and includes a theoretical and a laboratory section. Attendance is certified and credited with 2 ECTS points. 

Main Topics

Experimental design
(theory, including individual coaching)
Protein extraction & sample preparation
(theory & practical experience)
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis & image analysis
(theory & practical experience)
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics
(theory & practical experience)
Label-based and label-free quantitative proteomics
(theory & practical experience)
Application of classical proteomics & metaproteomics in microbiology
Data analysis & visualization
(theory & practical experience)

Review 2013: The first „International Proteomics Summer School Greifswald” creates clarity in the nebula of (microbial) proteins

At the institute for microbiology of the Greifswald University, the first weeklong “International Proteomics Summer School Greifswald” was held by Professors Dörte Becher and Katharina Riedel from July 15-20 2013. According to its title, the 14 participants from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, China, Spain, and Germany (mainly PhD students or postdocs) were to obtain comprehensive theoretical and practical insight into the methodical diversity of proteome analyses. More than 15 members of the institute, among them PhD students and postdocs, tended to the international guests.


The Summer School program covered theoretical and practical aspects of the experimental design of proteome analyses, sample preparation, gel-based and gel-free proteome analytics, metaproteomics, as well as data analyses, integration, and visualization. The Greifswald tutorial team was supported by three excellent external speakers: Dr. Reiner Westermeier from (the company) SERVA, a renowned expert for protein gel electrophoresis, Dr. Matthias Berth, an expert for the visualization of “omics”-data, and Prof. Friedrich Lottspeich, long-time president of the “German Association of Proteome Research”, who ensured an interactive and entertaining wind up of the Summer School.

Apart from the technical education aspects, networking between participants and attendants was also of importance. A barbecue evening in the atrium of the institute offered not only the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, but also for professional exchange between participants and members of the institute. The final event of the Summer School was a joint trip to Stralsund, where participants and attendants were offered a visit of the Ozeanum, a cosy lunch by the harbour, and finally an individually guided tour of the town by Kurt Büttner, an institute member who grew up in Stralsund.

This Summer School has left all participants and attendants with lasting and positive impressions. A conclusive evaluation showed that the students especially valued the combination of practical training and lectures, the open and friendly atmosphere, and the manifold opportunities for networking.